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Episode 310 - The Curse of the Pigman: An Interactive Adventure

Today we go on an interactive road trip looking for ghosts and cryptids in Minnesota!


5 Things: Lesser-Known Haunted Minnesota Spots

Minnesota Scary

Dairy Queen

Soap Factory

Soap Factory

Darkness Radio

First Avenue


Grey Cloud Island, Washington, MN

Melvin Lewis “Fat” Pigman

Pigman Triathlon

John Pigman

Minnesota History in 90 Seconds

Shotgun killing shocks small Minnesota town

UPDATED: Pigman-Kruse’s husband indicted for murder

'Extremely rare photo' of Minnesota 'pigman' for sale on Craigslist


First human-pig 'chimera' created in milestone study

Vehicles + Patreons

Jason Jalopy

Interactive Events

1: You're outside the Jason Jalopy, standing in the middle of a gravel pit. You try to climb up, but gravel keeps getting kicked out from under you. The next morning the workers find you and lift you out. You have no car, so you continue to walk around Grey Cloud Island and find twelve gravestones. You see the thirteenth gravestone and encounter a time jump. People in black robes come out of the woods and you are stabbed to death by these equal opportunity murderers.

2: You wake up in a laboratory cage. In the other cages are people with hooves for hands. As you're brought out of the cage you're injected with a giant needle that you can see contains little pig fetuses. You become a half-human half-pig hybrid losing the ability to speak, but maintaining a human brain. You're led through the facility to a door that opens up to a giant slaughterhouse. As you're led through the slaughterhouse, a dirty old farmer puts you in the back of a pickup truck and brings you to his farm where you then live the events of Charlotte's Web as Wilbur.

3: You walk into the women's restroom at the First Ave Danceteria, the lights flicker on and off. You sit in the fifth stall. When you walk out of the restroom and down the stairs, you encounter Slippy, the Ghost of the Basement. Slippy manifests a balloon that slowly floats towards you. As you try to leave, the basement door slams and the balloon continues towards you until POP! and explodes both of your legs off of your body.

4: The Soap Factory is forever your resting place at all stages of it's existence. You start as a noble handyman who builds the first cybernetic arm for George Washington's Great Ancestor. Then as a dog in the Soap Factory hiding under all the flesh. Lastly, you're a struggling artist sitting in an abandoned Soap Factory where bloody paw prints appear on your canvas, when you become famous a demon possesses your body.

5: Your soul is turned into a waffle cone in a haunted Dairy Queen where you are eaten and become the ghost of a waffle cone.

Your true fate is to be left in Minnesota forever even after the heat death of the universe.

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