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Episode 387 - Is Chester Cheetah Haunting Mexican Bathrooms?


Today we go to McDonalds and wish that we hadn’t, and then we travel to Mexico to hunt Chester Cheetah!


Families recoil in horror after naked man injects drugs into his testicles in busy city centre branch of McDonald's

Chester Cheetos, the new “Slender Man” that terrifies networks? (PHOTOS)

Chester's Response

Many people are telling stories in which Chester Cheetos appeared to them and I swear that it will be scary

Chester Cheetah

¿Has Visto a Chester Cheetos En La Vida Real?

Chester Cheetos sightings in the Hispanic Community?

The Disturbing Twitter Case Everyone Talks About (Clowns in Kidzania)

Jaguars in Mesoamerican cultures

People share their sightings of a clown, ghosts, and more at an indoor amusement park.

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