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Episode 801-The Lights Flicker When The Elevator Stops


Today we talk about a man from Kenya who finds love at a local market. However, his dreams are dashed when the woman turns out to be a shape shifter. This encounter leads him down a dark path of a mental breakdown. Then we travel to the Ukraine, only to step in an elevator that is hiding a gruesome secret. The only hope in solving this bizarre mystery is in the hands of two police officers.


EP 49 - Crazy Cryptid Week: The Jba Fofi and The Sabinche Tomatovic Tape

EP 24 - Why You Little! (Spider Facts episode)

EP 625 - The Black Magic Murderers Who Hide Within The Trees (Bodaboda/Okada (motorcycle taxi) Riders serial killer)

Dead Rabbit Recommends: M10:28

Chaos As Lady Turns Into Goat While In Bed With Boyfriend

Man Runs Mad After His Girlfriend Allegedly Turned Into Goat While In Bed With Him

Woman turns into goat, leaves man possessed in Kakamega

Ukraine’s Mutant Spider

Giant Spider

Ukraine Mutant Spider

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