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Episode 802- Are Furries Reincarnated Werewolves?


We travel today to a girl's summer came in Brownsville, Texas. Unfortunately, the camp counselor is hearing voices urging him to kill and assault the girls that are sleeping in their cabins. The counselor obeys this voice and carries out this voice's wishes. When the authorities catch this killer, the counselor explains that he was guided by this ancient demon roaming the land that the camp was built on.

In truth- there may have been a summer camp. The name is not clear.Some say the name was Camp Lulu. People living in this town are split in regards of whether this is true or simply an urban legend. You cannot find any newspaper articles or information about this horrific event. However, you can find empty cabins and there is a man who is said to roam the camp armed with a gun. It is said that this man is there to guard the spirits of these slayed girls.

Ghost hunters go to this site and find dolls that have been places in the cabins. The meaning can be either sinister or harmless. Regardless, it seems to be a interesting story to tell.

In the next chapter of this episode , we travel to a furry convention. Jason explains what furries are and the meanings of the outfits - what it means if furries are wearing pants along with the costume. Jason also wonders if there is a subculture of plant furries.

In this furry story, we go more in depth. A young man- Jake tells of his path to becoming a furry and his ideas of how this subculture developed. He explains that as a human race, we would follow a totem- a spirit guide in the form of an animal. That once we find this totem as a group or individual- we would make it apart of us. Over time, these totems are not as dominate and less of a “personal thing.” However- our human nature yearns for a spirit guide, but instead of being in tune with nature, it is tainted.

In the ancient world- the medicine men or spiritualist leaders were able to become shape shifters taking on that animal. Then in later times- these shape shifters were prosecuted, in the similar way that today's furries are.


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