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Episode 803: Are Big Boobs the Work of Satan


Today we are traveling to 2011 , Russia. A strange young man walks into a pharmacy with a bag and a gun.He quotes famous movie lines as he robs customers. Unfortunately this doesn't just end with money and jewelry being taken but also a life. A middle aged man who tries to get away is shot and killed. As the police arrive and take statements, the witnesses remember the robber as a man with lots of pimples. A few months later, a same masked killer goes into another pharmacy, but not before ending the life of a man who is on his way out of the pharmacy.The masked killer shoots the man and then seemly leaves the scene but to return moments later. The killer goes into the store shouting “Where is he? It is all your fault white coats!” After storming around the store- the killer goes to the slayed man and continues to shoot the fallen man. The witnesses tell the police that the killer was a man with yellow skin that seems to be falling off and eyes that were terrifying.

There are a couple of theories of who this killer is. He was a man living a normal life but becomes a victim of medical experiments or he was a insane man who was very sick. Whatever the case - where is this man now?

In the second story, we are going to discuss why boobs seem to be getting bigger on normal woman? Some ideas are - the chemicals that are in the food that we eat, law of attraction, or the will power of a large number of the men across the globe. Another theory is - Satan might be involved. Whatever may be the reason, could it be used in men?


Show Notes

Links: EP 162 - Tuplas: Sex With Your Imaginary Friends!… The serial killer who shot two people in Chelyabinsk is being searched for 10 years. Why the Pharmacy Maniac wasn't caught?… Archive 2,4-Dinitrophenol,4-Din… Have you noticed this? Who is Coral Sharon?… Are Hormones in the Environment Making Women’s Breasts Larger?

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