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Episode 804- The Ghost Flame Flickers Against the Moonless Sky


Today we travel to San Antonio, Texas and meet a man who delivers more than groceries to his customers. On September 26,2021 Xavier Downs was caught on a ring door camera masturbating on the front porch of a customer after delivering groceries. The man was not able to finish his crime due to a dog that was in the house barking. The man then leaves the home. The customer, a woman, decides to check the camera to see what her dog was barking at. After viewing the disturbing footage decides to call the police. The police find the driver and are able to place him to a similar crime that dated back to February 2021. He has yet been charged of the crime, but has been released on bail.

In the second story, we travel back to the year 1854 and meet two young lovers that are working on a ranch in Texas near Fort Davis. A young woman named Dolores Gavino Doporto falls in love with a sheep herder named Jose. They were at times separated because of their work. Jose had to be out with his herd and Dolores had be at the ranch, but whenever they were separated , on Thursday night they would each light a fire so they would have some kind signal to each other. One night, Jose doesn't send a fire message back. A search party goes looking for the young man and they come across a murdered Jose. It is said that he was murdered by Native Americans. Dolores was full of grief for her lost love. She decides never to marry and for forty years , she would continued to light a fire. After her passing,her ghost still roams the mountain lighting a fire on what is now known as Dolores Mountain.

This story is based on some truth. There really was a woman named Dolores Gavino Doporto who lived in this area and died in 1893. The locals thought she was insane because she would go up the mountain and light a fire. There seemed to be no reason for this action. The lost love is not mentioned but it is still interesting that there is some truth to this story.

In the third story, we continue with the theme of sending messages even after death. We meet a woman who loses her son in a car accident. However, even after the passing, the mother continues to receive texts messages from her departed son. She gets a few of them while repainting her son's room, while getting a tattoo , and while driving down the road. After receiving the last message , “ I be missing you” comes on the car radio.

This leaves us with a few questions - when the mother passes on - will the messages stop? Will the messages continue to the next person who gets the mother's phone number or will the messages fade away? Ghosts usually stay in the same locations for a while. However, with the rise of new tech and new ways of communicating, the energy from ghosts might lead to haunted phones, phone numbers and websites.


Show Notes

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