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Episode 805- Is Covid 19 From Outer Space


We begin this episode in Trenton, New Jersey 1948. A young boy named Sam wakes up in the early morning and comes face to face with little aliens taking his mom out of the house towards a space ship. Sam begins to run towards his mother but is stopped.He is told by these unearthly beings that if he tries to stop them , they will kill him. Later, Sam wakes up and his mother is back and seems not to remember her nightly capture. She tells her son that his dog is found hanging dead from the window. Is this a warning from the aliens or an outcome caused from a dog trying to save its master. We will never know but maybe its best not to interfere when dealing with beings not from this world.

Jason also mentions that people who have had an encounter with aliens are usually plagued by more throughout their lives, but may be unaware of them.

In the next segment of the episode, we continue to look at the stars in another sinister way. Could the cause of Covid 19 be from space instead of a lab? The 1979 book Diseases from Space by Fred Hoyle and Chandra Wickramasinghe tells of the possibilities that dust from space may have caused many of the diseases that we face today. The 2013 Pandora Virus is a virus found in a few places such as off the coast of Chili and in a pond in Australia. Fortunately, this virus doesn't really effect human life. Then in 2014, another virus that is thirty thousands of year old is found in Siberian permafrost.

These two bring us to an event dating to October 11, 2019. On this day, a meteor is seen flying over a city in China shortly before the outbreak of Covid. Could this space rock have broken up and send dust containing this new virus down to Earth? Does this event show us why our human ancestors feared the bright lights from the sky? We will never know but it may lead to us looking up at the night sky in a different light.

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