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Episode 836 - The Cryptid Pimp of Watts

Today we learn to not eat leftovers, and then we investigate the Dog Woman of Watts and discover that cryptids might have pimps!
Special Thanks to Rudie Jazz for giving me the “Pretty Woman” idea! (and they are not to blame for the end result!)


EP 28 - Hot Wings (Don't Eat Honey Smacks E.coli cereal episode)

EP 825 - Kevin Wikse The Pagan Strongman Vs The Men In Black!

EP 829 - Missing 411 SOLVED!?!? (Kevin Wiske episode)

College student has legs and fingers amputated, suffers multiple-organ failure after eating leftover noodles

A 19-Year-Old Man with Shock, Multiple Organ Failure, and Rash

A Student Ate Suspicious Leftovers For Lunch. This Is What Happened To His Limbs.

He ate a slug on a dare, became paralyzed and died (I didn’t cover this on the show)

Diagnosis, Treatment, and Complications

The Dog Woman of Watts

The Dog Woman of Watts

The Dog Woman of Watts

The Wolf Ape of Watts Valley

Watts Valley Wolf Ape

The Watts Valley Wolf Ape

Vehicle + Patreon

Jason Jalopy driven by Mason

Sexy Sasquatch Lyrics

Sexy Sasquatch
Walking Down the Street
Sexy Sasquatch
I Got a Fetish for Feet
Sexy Sasquatch
They Don't Believe Me
They Think You're Fake
The Way You Don't Show Up on Tape
Sexy Sasquatch
The World Doesn't Know
Sexy Sasquatch
I Wanna Suck Your Toe
Sexy Sasquatch
Entire Body is Covered in Hair
But Do You Shave Down There?
Sexy Sasquatch Stay With Me
Sexy Sasquatch You Sexy Beast
Let Me Feast on Your Toe Jam Yeast
Oh Please
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