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Episode 943- The Witch, The Zombie, And The Maniac

Today we find a book that will tell you exactly the way will you die, and then we will take a look at an insane man who thought he was killing monsters . . . until he dropped the knife.


EP 217 - “It's The Blood Of Satan! It's The Blood Of Satan!” (Michael Taylor episode)

book that tells you when you will die.


Man convicted of stabbing B.C. teen to death claims 'demon' voices told him to 'kill, kill, kill'

Abbotsford school killer says he saw ‘monsters’ when he stabbed 2 girls

One student killed, another hurt in 'random' stabbing at Abbotsford school

Videos show killer in the hours before Abbotsford school stabbing

B.C. man guilty of killing Abbotsford teen sentenced to life without parole for 16 years

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