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Episode 945 - He Screamed For Help, But No One Listened

Today we find out that time traveling and having sex is a bad combination, and then we look at the brutal death of Johnny Cashman Jr. Was it natural causes like the police say, or was he brutally murdered and the police are covering it up?


Time-Traveling Sea Monkeys

Sea Monkeys From the Future Make Deadly Lovers

Time-Traveling Male Sea Monkeys Make Bad Mates

Black Knight (film)

A Kid in King Arthur's Court

'It's police negligence:' Gruesome scene has family questioning LPD's death investigation

Family questioning Lynchburg police's death investigation

TN - Johnny Cashman Jr., adult, death investigation, Lynchburg, Apr 2022

Johnny Cashman Jr. Case 2022 - Analyze This - What happened to Johnny?

Police find, speak with witness in investigation of man found dead in Lynchburg apartment

Potential witness in Lynchburg death investigation located

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