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Episode 946 - The Clickbait Messiah

Today we find a murder confession on a fitness website, and then we investigate if A.I. powered anal beads may lead humanity to it’s destruction!


Dead Rabbit Radio TV Intro - Cretin Cave Productions

EP 749 - Negobot: Has The World-Ending A.I. Has Already Been Unleashed? (A.I. episode)

EP 788 - Beautiful Busty Blondes From Beyond! (A.I. episode)

Covid Murder Confession

Father escapes crash into Columbia River, but son dies, police say

Chess grandmaster accused of using sex toy to cheat, win against world's top player

The Chess World Isn’t Ready for a Cheating Scandal

Elon Musk Responds To Wild Claim Chess Grandmaster Won Using Anal Beads

Following 'Anal Bead Scandal,' Chess Master Rematch Ends in Resignation

2022 Sinquefield Cup: Round 4 (ORIGINAL BROADCAST) (Security Check Footage)

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